Brandon's Teaching Philosophy


"As singers, each of us has a different physical and mechanical make up which influences our vocal production and abilities. My passion as a teach is freeing the singer from these seemingly rigid and sometimes crippling parameters and aligning their vocal training with their ultimate dreams and goals. There is a science and pedagogy that shapes proper vocal technique. With proper technique a singer can achieve their maximum vocal potential with the least amount of effort possible which will lead them to develop the musical emotionality of an experience artist. 

My approach to vocal training is grounded in the historical bel canto technique. I focus on proper vocal cord adduction - onset - and efficient musical tone. I also work with each student on understanding and accessing all of the resonance available to them as a singer. My philosophy puts a strong emphasis on proper alignment, posture and understanding the balance of structured physical work and tension-free calm within the body.

With my technical expertise I push my students toward new discoveries and encourage a deeper understanding of the process of knowing their vocal instrument. Along the way, it is paramount to me that every student continue to grow and nurture their love for singing and help them to understand how they can make a difference in this world with their gifts. I hope to join you on your journey of self discovery."